An Unexpected Beginning

For several years Nathan and Albion had talked about what it would be like to get a travel trailer and take their four kids exploring. In early December of 2020 that dream started to become reality. 

They purchased a 28-foot quad-bunk trailer and began outfitting it for their family. One of the improvements they planned was to add a simple off-grid power system in the hopes that convenience would lead to adventure. It did.

The First System

With twenty years of experience as an electrical engineer designing digital circuits, Nathan decided to try his hand at designing and building this power system from scratch. This first system worked even better than they had hoped. With over 500 hours of on-the-road testing it became the foundation for things to come.

As it turns out, many other people saw value in the system as well. With encouraging feedback from family, friends, and RV dealerships, it became apparent that there is a real need for systems like this. At the same time, Nathan and Albion realized that they were interested in doing something to help others have the same kind of off-grid freedom that they enjoyed. 

So, with a little bit of courage and a lot of prayer, they started Unhooked Power.